CPA Marketing Basics

What is Affiliate Marketing? What is an Affiliate?

The process of selling or promoting products, services or offers of someone else on commission or payout is called affiliate marketing.

The vendor, merchant or advertiser is a person who offer the products or services.

An affiliate or publisher is a person who sells or promotes the products.

Usually, an affiliate gets these offers through a 3rd person, which is called affiliate network. These offers are also called affiliate programs or simply offers.

When a customer purchases a product or services from the vendor through the affiliate, a commission or payout is made to the affiliate.

What is an Affiliate Network?

It is the middleman between an affiliate and  the vendor. It tracks offers, processes money for the vendor. It also processes the affiliate application makes sure to approve genuine affiliates rather than the fraudulent ones. Similarly, it takes the offers from the vendors/advertisers which are convertible.

How to become a Affiliate?

Before applying to any CPA Network, build a website of yours about internet marketing etc., it should look professional and post some articles on it regarding marketing.
Then apply to some CPA networks. They will conduct an interview and then either reject you or accept you. If you are accepted, an affiliate manager is assigned to you. Always choose a reputable network (go to or to see the top networks). They make sure to promote genuine offers to genuine affiliates. But the problem is good networks don’t accept newbies.

Here is a list of some good CPA Networks:
1. MAXBOUNTY – not for newbies
4. NEVERBLUE (They accepts newbies sometimes)

I have been accepted by MOBIDEA. You can also register here., accepts newbies.

How it works?

  1. Choose an offer. May be you need some research or spy tool to select best converting offer or you can do your research manually.
    You can sort the offers on EPC (earning per click). Next thing to look at is the conversion rate. Good networks provide all these metrics.
    Your affiliate manager can also provide a good advice on selecting a campaign.
  2. Generate the affiliate link of the offer.
  3. You create a landing page. Buy a new domain and hosting for it. If you are a newbie, you can also go for direct linking to the vendor offer page without creating your landing page but the problem is you will not be able to track it. Right?
  4. You install the tracking software on your server or you can also use offsite tracking software.
  5. Create an ad and configure the ad campaign to drive the traffic to your landing page. In case of direct linking it is the offer page. Initially allocate a low daily budget to the campaign. Once you gather some statistical data about the campaign, tweak it accordingly. If it is not making money, abandon the campaign.



CPC: Cost per click (like google adsense)
CPM: Cost per Milli (cpxInteractive)

Further Learning seems a good forum. There are also case studies. , check resources and webinars. 

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