CPA Marketing Lessons From Super Affiliates

Lessons Learned from Super Affiliates:

  1. While projecting profits, add 5% to costs like wire transfer fee, exchange rate difference, and other hidden costs.
  2. Your success is irrelevant if it is not repeatable.
  3. If a campaign is profitable today, it might not last tomorrow. So make cash out of it as soon as possible.
  4. As a newbie, start with smaller campaigns that make $10 or so daily, instead of big campaigns that make $10,000 daily. Once, you have good cash flow, then you can go for big campaigns.
  5. If a campaign starts working for you, then invest in it rather than looking for other big campaigns.
  6. Invest your profits into better technology, tools, techniques and systems.
  7. Focus on long term goals rather than short term goals. Don’t loose heart if you loose money initially on some campaigns. It is a learning process.
  8. Be in contact with other affiliates working in the industry and learn from them. Attend affiliate networking events and trade shows. If you have high quality contacts in the industry, you can’t loose.
  9. Team up with other like minded people and affiliates to start the joint venture rather than solo flight. With the diverse crew, you get crazy ideas.
  10. Don’t be afraid of buying the paid traffic and loosing the money. Don’t be late.
  11. Master one traffic source rather than jumping on different traffic sources. It is the traffic source which makes or looses money.
  12. Start with lower payout campaigns. That way, you will be able to get more data to make data driven decisions. Do more angle testing,  split testing, banner, ad and landing page testing etc. Don’t base campaigns on your assumptions. These should be backed by statistical data.
  13. If you are a newbie, mimic what is working for others first and learn how to generate conversions, rather than being creative yourself. Don’t overthink.
  14. Don’t think super affiliates are super genius or have some secret weapon. It is just applying the basics and working hard.
  15.  Finally, treat CPA marketing as a business. And business needs investment and time.

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